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Football Field Party Tray

Football Field Party Tray
Football season is in full swing and if you’re throwing any Monday night madness parties this season create a special football field dip for your fans to enjoy! It’s easy, fun and sure to be a touchdown.

You will need a large, medium-depth serving tray to layer the dip in.

refried beans dip tray

Start the first layer off with refried beans.

football dip grated cheese

Then add some grated cheese to the top of the beans for extra flavoring.

guacamole football dip

Next layer is guacamole for the grass. You’ll need a lot to cover a whole “football field” so make sure you get a lot of avocados!

football game day dip tray

Once the “grass” is laid down fill in the end zones and create the yard lines with sour cream.

totinos pizza rolls football field dip

When the field is complete you’ll need players! Bake some Totino’s Pizza Rolls in any flavor and place them on the field as players. Trust me, these players will be tackled in no time!

Enjoy :)

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