The tailgater we all dislike – don’t be that guy

Source: – By jwreitman – by Rachelle Underwood-Lowe

What makes a great tailgate? Food, drinks, and last but not least… tailgaters! At the end of the day it is the people that make tailgating fun. When it comes to tailgating everyone has a role. You may be the grillmaster, the bartender, the entertainer, the social butterfly, or the ringleader. There is something for everyone at a tailgate, and most everyone is welcome. But there are some guys that can take even the best tailgate from fun to done in no time. Don’t be these guys!

The Loud Guy

We know, game day is super exciting! But there is a time and place for hooting and hollering. If your friends can’t even carry on a conversation over your screaming, they are probably going to get a little fed up with you. Shouting out to the random fellow fan who passes is fine and encouraged. But if you find yourself losing your voice before the game has even started then chances are your fellow tailgaters will be ready to hide your megaphone. Just don’t be that guy.

The Sore Loser
Sports are competitive. Whoever said it isn’t about whether you win or lose is obviously used to losing a lot. But face it, you win some and you lose some. There will be days that your team will lose a game. If you can’t take a loss like a mature adult maybe you should stay home. We all know someone who throws a complete fit, wants to fight, and throw things after their beloved team loses. That guy looks like a toddler who hasn’t had his nap. You don’t want to be that guy.

The Competitive Guy
It’s easy to get caught up in the hype on game day. But that doesn’t mean everything has to be a competition. Sure it’s ok to want to win corn hole, but if you don’t it’s going to be ok. Don’t take it so seriously that nobody wants to be your partner. Don’t turn every aspect of tailgating into a contest. You may be able to eat the most hot dogs but what does that really prove? The bottom line is that people will try to avoid the competitive guy. So don’t be that guy.

The Overindulging Guy
There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a drink while tailgating. But for crying out loud, please don’t be the overly drunk guy! Nothing can ruin a game day experience quicker than a sloppy drunk. Your friends want to watch the game, eat, and hang out with fellow tailgaters they don’t want to worry about taking care of the guy who drank too much. So, don’t be that guy!
The Hater
We know you love your team. Obviously, your team is the best. You have the best coach, players, and fans. But typically, there are going to be fans cheering for the other team. Don’t try to fight every person you see wearing the other team’s colors. It doesn’t matter how much you love your team and your sport, it is not worth trying to explain a black eye on Monday. Nobody wants a loud obnoxious tailgater trying to start trouble with everyone who walks by. Good thing you’re not that guy!


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