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10 Best Super Bowl recipes

Source: –  Karen Miner

score big with these game day eats

Not sure what to serve on Super Bowl Sunday? We’ve got you covered with our 10 best game day recipes.

Whether your Super Bowl party guests are watching their weight, prefer things extra-spicy or stick to more traditional choices, we’ve got something for everyone with this Super Bowl recipe roundup.

The classics

Football is rife with tradition, even when it comes to food. For those that can’t imagine a Super Bowl party without the classic appetizers, these are for you.

1 Top 5 Chicken wing recipes

Top 5 Chicken wing recipes

Chicken wings and football go hand in hand, but these recipes amp up this old favorite with 5 variations of marinades. Margarita chicken wings, anyone?

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2 Mini Buffalo onion rings with spicy sauce

Mini buffalo onion rings with spicy cilantro dipping sauce

Instead of Buffalo wings, try Buffalo rings! These bite-size onion rings with the classic spicy flavor we all love won’t last long on game day.

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Spice it up

Can’t get enough of the addictively hot Sriracha sauce? Set your menu on fire with these spicy additions.

3 Cheesesteak eggrolls & Sriracha ketchup

Cheesesteak eggrolls with Sriracha ketchup

Who can say no to a crispy eggroll? Change things up by using cheesesteak fillings and a spicy dipping sauce.

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4 Pork tenderloin sandwiches

Pork tenderloin sandwiches

Fire up the grill for these mini pork tenderloin sandwiches, piled high with tangy red cabbage coleslaw and a kick of Sriracha.

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Go gourmet

Just because it’s a football party doesn’t mean the food can’t be classy. We think even the toughest guys will love these gourmet bites.

5 Quick and easy game day appetizers

Quick and easy game day appetizers

Gourmet food doesn’t have to take all day! Delicious bites like beer and bacon glazed nuts and chipotle queso nachos come together in no time, but are sure to impress your guests.

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6 Fancier Super Bowl appetizers

Fancier Super Bowl appetizers

Keep the gourmet theme going with these gussied up bites. Meat-lovers will go crazy for bacon-wrapped potatoes, BLT dip and mini bacon-spinach quiches.

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Smart choices

If you’re watching your waistline, don’t let all the fried foods derail your diet. These healthy options are just as tasty!

7 3 healthier dip recipes

3 healthier dip recipes

We all love to indulge in nacho cheese, but these guilt-free dips taste even better! Skip the chips and dip veggies instead.

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8 Stuffed portobello mushroom pizzas

Stuffed portobello mushroom pizzas

Watching your carbs? These mushroom “pizza” give you all the delicious toppings without the crust.

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Smart choicesNo party is complete without a few cocktails and a sweet ending. Keep the football theme going with these festive recipes.

9 Super Bowl beer punch

Super Bowl beer punch

You can’t watch the Super Bowl without a beer! Lighten up your favorite brew by turning it into a citrusy punch.

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10 Bite-size Super Bowl desserts

Bite-size Super Bowl desserts

After all this food, a small dessert is your best bet. These chocolate-covered strawberries decorated like footballs are too cute!

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Andrew Evans Dishes Tips on How to Tailgate

Source: – By Lauren Gordon, Editor

The pitmaster offers The Daily Meal readers tips on how to tailgate

Courtesy of The BBQ Joint Flicker licking ribs Keywords Andrew Evans Dishes Tips On How To Tailgate

Courtesy of The BBQ Joint
Flicker licking ribs
Keywords Andrew Evans Dishes Tips On How To Tailgate

It is coming, that exciting and delicious time of the year when the pigskin flies both into the end zone and onto the grill. Tailgating and barbecue are like the peanut butter and jelly of the professional sports world. With football season about to kick into high gear, there is no better time to start preparing for Sundays (or Saturdays, if you’re a college fan) at the field. While you may know how to cook a mean burger and can watch a game like a pro, mastering both is an art form.

You may be surprised what you don’t know. And who better to school you than fine dining restaurateur turned pitmaster Andrew Evans. As the owner of The BBQ Joint, Evans has earned (and dished) his chops on the finer details of barbecue excellence. Check out his tips on tailgating for the next big game!

Tips for Football Tailgating:

• Leave the lighter fluid at home. Instead, bring a plumber’s blow torch and light real lump charcoal with it. Fast, easy, and no mess.

• Smoke wings, meatballs, sausages, etc. at home the day before, let them cool, and then refrigerate. Then, bring the cooked items to tailgate in a cooler to keep cold. Reheat and glaze with sauces on grill at tailgate instead of starting from scratch — this equals less cooking stress and more beer drinking time!

• Go with a theme — for instance, cook and slice a flank steak at the tailgate but have all the fix-ins’ for making tacos ready to go and serve margaritas.

• Focus on finger food so you don’t have to pack plates and cutlery, like smoked sausages on a bun, pulled pork, or brisket burritos.

• Instead of grilling hamburgers, smoke them by building a small fire to one side of grill or only having one burner on. Use wood chips and smoke for 20 minutes at 300 degrees.

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Tailgating Recipes

Get ready for the big game with these tailgate party recipes! We have game day covered with football tailgating recipes, March Madness munchies, Super Bowl® recipes, baseball cakes and more! These tailgate recipes are sure to be winners whether you head out to the game or throw a party at home.   

Tailgating Ideas

Tailgating Ideas

There’s a mind-boggling amount of tailgating info out there, from clubs to gadgets to magazines. We’ve gathered some of our favorites.


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